The SPS/Access Control Manager

Manage access to critical data (ACL/DCL)

The SPS/Access Control Manager is designed to control, set and monitor all user access to directories, files and programs. The software allows the system administrator to control VOS ACLs/DCLs lists easily from a single focal point to reduce the risk of unauthorized access to data and enhance system security.

Allow the system administrator to classify his own security levels and promote or demote users from one level to another
Maintain access rights in a single, easy-to-control configuration file for the entire system
Assure that access rights are always up-to-date
Incorporate powerful scripts into simple command macros
Scan all system directories and report and/or clear any deviation from the standard configuration
Work with standard VOS ACLs and DCLs (Access Control Lists/Default Control Lists)

Control and audit User Registration changes

The Registration-Admin solution offers higher level of security auditing and control over the process of managing registered users under VOS systems.

Produce audit trails and report outlining every change made to Registration.
Enforce a review process by another individual before changes are applied.
Create a new user from an existing profile.
Create instant reports.
Use wild-cards.
Register new users based on pre-defined Templates.
Reset user passwords.
Review cancel or apply pending changes.
Integrate into existing Menus or APIs.