What's VOS Console?

VOS Console is the LITE/FREE version of Alert Manager. It is a complete set of practical monitoring tools that provides Browser interface to VOS and eliminates security risks associated with users working in a critical environment.
VOS-Console is a secure, read-only interface that allows access only to registered users and inherits all of VOS' security: login-admin and password management.
VOS-Console limits users only to their own customized, view-only VOS Console, will not be able to access the module via Telnet or FTP and will be audited every step of the way.
VOS Console does not requires any commitment, additional software, licenses or even configuration effort -- it will be up and running in a few minutes.

System Usage

Disk Usage

List Users

Queue Monitor-1

Queue Monitor-2



Batch Monitor

Network Monitor #1

Network Monitor - Devices

VOS Console on BlackBerry






Alert Manager vs. FREE VOS Console

 Alert ManagerFREE
VOS Console
Real-time basic system usage graphs of CPU, PF, I/O, Paging, Memory. + +
Real-time basic disk meters/graphs of disk utilization, %read-busy , %write-busy + +
Real-time basic Queue meters/graphs of Queue utilization, message processing rate (TPS) + +
Real-time list-users meters/graphs of resource consumption and overhead of processes and process-groups (CPU,I/O, memory) + +
Real-time VOS-BATCH monitor + +
Real-time NETSTAT monitor + +
Secure VOS-Explorer + +
Standard VOS user-id and password verification; additional auditing and security benefits + +
Restriction of users to the secure read-only Browser interface (no Telnet or FTP access) + +
Compliance with PCI secuirty requirements + -
Thresholds and alarms related to all meters - system, disks, processes, queues + -
Application error filtering + -
System security alarms + -
Focal point for all security related and system activities: registration-admin, access-control-manager, VOS-command-shells, disaster-recovery and scheduler + -
File creation, directory and file size alarms + -
Monitoring of key logs: syserr, hardware, security and any application error-logs + -
Restarting of failed processes + -
Automated Email messages -- alarm notifications and report distribution + -
Automated command execution to correct errors or security violations + -
Detailed daily database + -
Operator's user's interface, including alarm-acknowledgment and alarm-escalation + -
Historical web-graphs of system performance over time (requires a license for the Performance software. + -
Alarms forwarding to enterprise monitoring facilities + -
Extensive reports + -

How to apply

All you have to do is send us a short message from our Contact-Us page. Let us know who you are and the name of the module(s) you wish to run VOS-Console on. We will then allow you to access the Download area where you will pick the software (about 140 blocks - 500 kb). You'll be up and running in a few minutes.


  1. Create a new directory (master_disk)>VOS_Console
  2. FTP sm_vc_xx_yy-mm-dd.ftp in binary mode.
  3. FTP the software Profile in ASCII mode; rename it to sps_profile.
  4. Execute: sm_vc_xx_yy-mm-dd.ftp
  5. Execute:
  6. Execute:
  7. Open: http://[ip-address]:5002/AlertManager   (add it to your Favorites)

Configuration Files

For the most part, VOS Consoles windows are easy to follow and are self explanatory. There are only two optional configuration files you may wish to configure based on your requirements:
  1. Alert Manager Table
  2. The Queue Monitor Table
  3. The Explorer Table